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Collaborative Online Practice’s (COP’s) interdisciplinary professionals work to provide healthy family-centered, out-of-court solutions to Divorce and Trusts & Estates planning and dispute-resolution. We empower families to protect their dignity, wellbeing, relationships, assets and legal rights. Our professionals educate the public, while reliably obtaining and sharing the highest quality training for mediation and collaborative practice.

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To empower families engaging life’s transitions, Divorce and Death, with planning and resolutions that fit their values as well as their budgets.

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Our “Online Advantage” allows clients across California easy, personal access to our experienced attorneys, financial specialists, licensed mental health and other professionals. Meet with any of COP’s professionals online, from the comfort of your own home.

All Collaborative Online Professionals are trained in both mediation, and collaborative practice. 

Visit our Collaborative Divorce WEBSITE HERE for countless resources, and the right professionals to help you decide on the Divorce Process that’s best aligned with your budget and your values, guide you through the process, minimizing costs and emotional hardships. Find out about: Mediation, Co-Mediation, Team Mediations, and Collaborative Divorce.


Visit our Trusts & Estates WEBSITE HERE. Our professionals are ready to help you navigate estate planning, to set-up or update trusts, and to avoid: unnecessary taxes, court intervention, misunderstandings and later disputes between loved ones when you’re gone. When a trust-maker has passed, our professionals can help you decide which Trusts & Estates Process for resolving disputes best suits your budget and your values.

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